High Performance Windows + Doors

4-hour workshop


Windows and doors play a cornerstone role in highly performing buildings, including Net Zero and Passive House. Their importance for thermal comfort, air tightness, as well as daylighting, solar heat gains, shading and ventilation makes these elements into sophisticated, technological systems in disguise. The 4-hours intensive workshop covers a variety of aspects, from different frames materials and profiles to opening types, to issues such as optimal installation for thermal performance, air tightness and waterproofing. Glass units are illustrated in detail, including gas fill for higher performance and proper sealing for durability, different types of glass spacers with consideration to critical external conditions and risk of glass-edge condensation. Proper selection of glass panes, including low-e coatings, is illustrated to yield an optimal balance between daylight, solar heat gains and insulative properties according to local climate and building use. The guided calculation exercises during the presentation help participants understand the cost-effectiveness of windows, as well as the importance of detailing of their installation.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn to relate the required performance of windows and doors to comfort, moisture and climate-specific requirements;
  2. Understand the value of these dynamic components for the whole building, with cost-effectiveness analyses;
  3. Familiarize with industry-specific products that can make a difference in the performance and durability of these components.

Max participants: 25 people
Duration: 4 hours
Next Public Workshop: TBA