Mechanical Ventilation with Heat + Moisture Recovery

4-hour workshop


No building can be considered to be high performance, if it is not healthy and comfortable at the same time: this is the reason why mechanical ventilation is a must in Net Zero buildings and Passive Houses. Often misunderstood for air conditioning, this type of system provides building occupants with outstanding indoor air quality, supplying fresh air and removing excess moisture, carbon dioxide and other pollutants, while recovering up to four times the energy it absorbs to run. This 4-hour intensive workshop covers different types of mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery, suitable for new constructions as well as for retrofit projects. The guided calculation exercises during the presentation help participants understand the cost-effectiveness of heat recovery ventilation, as well as its effect on moisture management in the building.

Learning objectives:

  1. Familiarize with the main aspects associated with mechanical ventilation and indoor air quality;
  2. Get to know different types of system available on the market, and their suitability for different project types;
  3. Understand cost-effectiveness of heat recovery systems, as well as what type to choose depending on local climate.

Max participants: 25 people
Duration: 4 hours
Next Public Workshop: TBA