Air Tightness + Moisture Management

4-hour workshop


Air tightness and moisture management are key factors for the success of any high performance building, including Net Zero and Passive House constructions. This 4-hour intensive workshop covers multiple aspects of this subject for different climate conditions, as well as addressing new constructions as well as retrofits of existing buildings. The information is integrated with consideration for comfort of building occupants and health of the internal environment, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Issues of durability and liability for the professionals involved are illustrated, with solutions available on the market. The guided calculation exercises during the presentation help communicate the importance of different parameters to be considered, while the practical exercises help familiarize the participants with different products and methods available on the market.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand what air tightness is, why it is important, and how to achieve it;
  2. Learn how to implement strategies to manage moisture in buildings while maximizing health & comfort of the occupant and minimizing liability of the builder;
  3. Understand the numbers and the economic factors;
  4. Get your hands on some materials and mockups during the practical exercises.

Max participants: 25 people
Duration: 4 hours
Next Public Workshop: TBA