This page is for Trainers who have been approved to teach Emu’s CPHT curriculum. All links require log-in access.

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Resources for Emu CPHT Trainers:

There are two main areas with which our Trainers will want to familiarize themselves: our Training Portal and our Slack Community.

Emu’s Training Portal:

  • Trainer Agreement Terms & Conditions
  • Textbook Files – browser view
  • Presentation Files – browser + PDF views
  • Support Research Material
  • Enrico’s CPHT Training Recordings
  • Course Evaluation Results + Student Feedback

Emu’s Slack Community:

  • Private Messaging, Voice & Video Calls with Emu
  • Private Messaging with other Emu Trainers
  • Real-Time Support during CPHT courses
  • Accessible via Browser & Phone App