Meet the latest development in our one-of-a-kind, hands-on builder training class and workshopThe Emu Passive Pods!

Throughout our advanced CPHT courses in Arvada (Denver), Colorado, student builders will apply course learning to the construction of a self-contained mini Passive House Pod. In keeping with the class learning objectives, students can get their hands dirty trying out different products in a brand-neutral environment.

Go to our blog to see the results of Passive Podlympics I, where the student-built Passive Pods maintained 20°F higher temperatures than the Code Pod in overnight Resiliency Test in the Rocky Mountain snow: Read More

Why a Pod instead of the usual wall mockup?

How else do you have Passive Podlympics? 😉 At the conclusion of every course, we will run three test on the team built Pods:

  • Airtightness Test – a qualitative test where we pressurize the pods and use smoke to seek out leaks to mitigate
  • Thermal Bridging Test – another qualitative test using infrared cameras to spot weak spots in the thermal envelope of the pods
  • Resiliency Test – a quantitative competition, using temperature and relative humidity sensors to track the performance of the Passive Pods against each other and against a Code Pod when left outside overnight

We don’t sell any of the products used in the Pod; they have all been donated by the fantastic manufacturers listed on our Product Partners page. They know that we teach the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the options on the market, and they are confident enough in their products to support the #BuildPassive movement.

A big thank you from Emu and our CPHT students to: