Learn Passive Building Online

Learn Passive Building Online

Accredited on-demand training for the construction site implementation of the Passive House standard.

Who should take this training?

This course is for design/build & construction professionals who are concerned about moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, healthy indoor air, durability, resiliency, and affordability of high-performance.

Become a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

  • limit liability & increase credibility
  • avoid hidden mold & condensation
  • exceed IECC air leakage requirements
  • learn best practices & building science

Learn Passive House construction on your own time in a Crew

By joining one of our “Crews,” you can learn about the most advanced construction standard in the world, and how to implement passive and net zero principles in your projects. You’ll learn everything necessary to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) through the International Passivhaus Institute (PHI). Additionally, and for NO EXTRA COST, we are now offering 7 weekly online Q&A sessions with an Emu instructor as part of our crews! Open to all tradespeople and project team members with working knowledge of construction.

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1: Passive House Basic
  • Unit 2: Passive House Economics
  • Unit 3: Thermal Insulation & Thermal Mass
  • Unit 4: Thermal Bridges
  • Unit 5: Windows & Transparent Components
  • Unit 6: Existing Buildings
  • Unit 7: Air Tightness & Moisture Management
  • Unit 8: Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  • Unit 9: Efficient Heating, Cooling, & Domestic Hot Water
  • Quiz: Quality Assurance Exercise
  • Sample Exam Questions
  • Course Evaluation

Passive standards are the building codes of the future. Get on board before you get left behind.

However, we know not everyone learns best through online learning, so we have kept our in-person training available as well. You won’t get access to the weekly online Q&A through our Crews, but you’ll be able to get our same instruction in person to prepare our for our Passive Pod Workshop and/or the CPHT exam.

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