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License Emu’s North American curriculum to train your local builders, contractors, and tradespeople in the most advanced global construction standard.

Apply for an Emu CPHT Trainer’s License

If you are a PHI Certified Passive House Designer or Consultant (through exam), fill out the form below to apply for an annual license of Emu’s North American CPHT curriculum.

Textbooks for Students: Emu’s curriculum will be available in the form of a binder and/or bound textbook for students of CPHT classes to purchase directly and have shipped to them before the class.

Teaching material for Trainers: Emu CPHT Licensed Trainers will receive a slide deck with notes, a printed version of the textbook with notes, a marketing package to help publicize the class, access to a community of other Licensed Trainers, and introductions to potential sponsors and co-organizers. Additional support, such as registration hosting, is available upon agreement.

We are on a mission to close the gap between mainstream construction practices and advanced, proven building science. Through builder training and simple, standard, Passive systems, we are empowering the industry to build for the future and for resiliency.  

Emu is an accredited Training Provider with the International Passive House Institute (PHI). We are authorized to offer Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) courses + accreditation exams for building professionals. We offer a CPHT course once a year, in February, at our home offices in Denver, Colorado. This is where we roll out the most current version of our North American curriculum and host any Trainers seeking to teach the curriculum themselves.

Our curriculum has a strong foundation in the original PHI curriculum and learning objectives, with climate and market content specific to North America. Through our own experiences, as well as collaboration and communication with our friends and colleagues using the international Passive House standard all over the world, we strive to apply global lessons and solutions to local construction practices.