Through our partnerships with like-minded organizations dedicated to training construction workforce in high-performance building science, Emu’s North American curriculum to become a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) is being taught in classrooms all over North America.

Ground Zero – Emu’s Colorado Class

Our own Passive Pod Workshop and CPHT Course & Exam continue to be the headquarters for curriculum development, with update versions implemented at the beginning of each year.

This is where we train the Trainers, implement curriculum updates, and host our one of a kind, hands-on Passive Pod Workshop.

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We are fortunate to have some of North America’s most experienced professionals offering courses through our Training Partners around North America. As of 2019, Emu provides classroom content and textbooks, and each Trainer choses to implement workshop components in a different way.

Green Building Alliance
Pittsburgh, PA

GBA has been offering Emu CPHT training since 2018 on a seasonal basis, taught by Emu Trainers Rick Eckstrom and Rhett Major.

North American Passive House Network

NAPHN offers CPHT training all over North America. The next class will be November 2019 in Minneapolis, MN, taught by Chris Petit.

Home Energy Services
Berkeley, CA

Home Energy Services, which is independently owned by Emu Trainer, Steve Mann, will be running a course in Oakland, CA, in November 2019.