Training Overview

Emu is a small business with a big heart and hopefully bigger impact. We believe strongly in the power of community. One thing you will hear from us over and over again is that Passive House level building science goals are much more achievable with an integrated team of professionals. There is power in shared resources and shared knowledge, and that extends naturally to the responsibilities we are facing as a community in the developments around the coronavirus.

In the past few months, we have recorded the CPHT coursework to our new online training platform. We’ve initiated the concept of the online “Crew” – a group of students attending weekly, live, online Q&A sessions with the Trainer. We de-coupled the Passive Pod units into an optional 2-day follow up outdoor Workshop, keeping the blended learning objectives intact and implementing job roles to maintain social distancing. And we are working with PHI to understand how we can offer an online alternative to the in-person, open book exams.

What does this mean for you, as far as learning options?

1. Take the CPHT course to advance your building science knowledge

You can do that by joining our new “Online Crew,” which grants you access to our on-demand CPHT coursework for 1 year, with an added NO-COST bonus of 7 weekly online Q&A sessions with an Emu Trainer. Registrations for our Winter Crew, beginning January 7th, 2021, are now available.

2. Follow up with the hands-on implementation of your coursework

Join us in Denver for a 2-day, outdoor Passive Pod Workshop, which provide a kitted learning tool to accompany our textbook and help our Trainers deliver high quality, unbiased instruction. Please note, taking our CPHT class online or in-person is a pre-requisite to taking this workshop.

Due to Covid-19, we have taken measures to make our in-person instruction and workshops as safe as possible. If you would like to learn more, click here to view our Emu’s COVID-19 Measures for Passive Pod Workshops.

3. Strut your stuff by getting accredited through a PHI exam

Professional accreditation increases your credibility with clients and colleagues in the industry alike. After passing the exam, CPHTs are given membership and are listed in the database on the International Passive House Institute (PHI) website for 5 years. The exam is in-person, open book, and pass/fail.

Upcoming Training Calendar

All 2021 Emu Training Events

Buildings certified to the Passive standard often easily exceed the efficiency, performance and indoor air quality requirements for other “sustainable” or “green” certification or building codes, and professionals armed with this knowledge often find that Passive building science guidelines inform decisions made in seeking those requirements. THAT is why we teach and build Passive.

We strongly believe that the Passive standard of building offers researched and proven guidelines for the most cost-effective application of construction practices that result in durable, resilient, healthy, and comfortable buildings.

In the spirit of removing the hurdles of complicated and advanced building envelope technology, we offer courses and workshops geared towards professionals in the architecture and construction industry.

Hear for yourself what previous students have to say about the effect of learning Passive on their own businesses:

Emu is an accredited Training Provider with the International Passive House Institute (PHI). We are authorized to offer Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) courses + accreditation exams for building professionals.