Learn more about advanced building science.

In the spirit of removing the hurdles of complicated and advanced building envelope technology, we offer CPHT training courses and workshops geared towards professionals in the architecture and construction industry.

Do you think you know how to build?

Strut your stuff! Get accredited as a PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) by enrolling in a class + workshop, featuring Emu-licensed curriculum, prior to sitting for the international accreditation exam.

Emu has developed a first-of-its kind, North American-specific CPHT curriculum with a hands-on workshop component for building professionals. This curriculum was first taught in Denver this past February 2018. Read about the class here.

Looking for an upcoming CPHT class near you? Find Emu CPHT.

Would you like to host a CPHT training course for your business or community?

Get in touch for more information on our CPHT Host Training Package (including Emu licensed, North American CPHT curriculum, and Workshop package).