Passive House: What is a “passive” building?

Here in Italy, there has been a growing interest in the term "passive" with regard to construction and architecture. Unfortunately, however, the word is often used haphazardly or without much definition. Added to that is the general confusion surrounding vocabulary in the green building market in Italy, leaving many people misinformed. As this is a subject to which we are quite dedicated, and one which we frequently discuss in our blog, we thought it would be appropriate to go over the correct definition of a passive building.

archicad16 integrated energy analysis tool EcoDesigner

BIM Energy Analysis with ArchiCAD 16

Graphisoft has just released the preview videos for their new ArchiCAD version 16, and we are pretty excited about it here at Emu Architects. Enrico Bonilauri has written an extensive assessment of the newly integrated energy analysis features (basically incorporating EcoDesigner) over on our Italian blog. I'll attempt to translate his thoughts into English here for our international readers: