Construction Moisture Management: Catch Up or Lawyer Up

Moisture in buildings has become increasingly worrisome for construction professionals in recent years. American buildings are subject to a wide variety of defects related to water in its different forms – liquid, vapor and sometimes snow and ice. These range from thermal discomfort, poor indoor air quality and health hazards (mold), all the way to… Read More

Emu’s interview with the Insulation Institute: “For Better Homes, Is it Net Zero or Passive House?”

Our very own Enrico Bonilauri was recently interviewed for NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association), the most recognized voice of the insulation industry on this side of the pond. Their mission is “to enable a more comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable future through insulation”, so we welcomed the opportunity to give our two cents on why… Read More

What’s an insulation material?

With more and more people talking about building energy efficiency and passive houses, it has become more and more common to hear about insulation. In this article, we explain what an insulation material is, to try and shed some light on the topic, and bust some myths. The energy efficiency of a building, as well… Read More

Energy Efficiency: the importance of site supervision

On our Facebook page, we are regularly publishing images from our Cavriago construction site, where we are building two Passive Houses. With this article, we would like to show just two examples of the many construction errors can occur during the scope of the works, proving that careful site supervision is necessary to meet a high level of quality and efficiency. Read More

Shedding some light on Earth Hour and the like.

Imagine what would happen if everyone knew as much about insulation as they do about energy saving bulbs. The light bulbs in our homes have changed drastically in the past ten years. The walls, however are the same. Enrico and I decided to take a look at exactly how much energy we can expect to save on a night like M’illumino di meno or Earth Hour. And then, just for fun (!), we decided to compare that saved energy with how much we’d save by adding one single square meter of insulation to the external wall of our outdated apartment building. Here are our results… Read More