#BuildPassive swag

Join us in preaching Passive!

We are by no means a fully equipped e-commerce shop, but we’re happy to share our group swag ordering with friends. Funds raised will be used to make more swag to spread the #BuildPassive movement, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. (In this first round, that will be the Human Rights Campaign; please let us know if you have another candidate in mind.)

The price per shirt is based on volume per group order, so spread the word!

Current price: $28/shirt
Please note, these are set up as separate “campaigns”, so you have to order each type of shirt separately. 

Please note: We will close the group order August 30th, after our Colorado Passive House Happy Hour, in order to have shirts ready for the conferences that start in September (see calendar). If this is successful, we may set up a storefront to make ordering easier; let’s see how it goes 😉

We also have myth-busting koozies!!

MYTH: insulation causes overheating. Well that’s just silly. Our local Colorado craft beer crowd can attest to that. Keep it cool! Build Passive.


As of right now, this is a group order that will be delivered in bulk to Emu. If we get enough interest, we’ll arrange a different delivery mechanism.

You can pickup directly from us at any of the events listed in our calendar, including the upcoming NetZero2018, #NAPHN18, and #Greenbuild18 conferences, as well as our Colorado Passive House Happy Hours. Please specify at the time of ordering, and we will make sure to notify you when your swag arrives.

International #BuildPassive followers – please email us at buildpassive@emu.systems to arrange logistics.