The key to implementing Passive strategies in a constructive way, is to start early and with an integrated team.

We offer the Preliminary Passive House Review as a first step analysis towards evaluating a concept design for a project. All that is required is a concept design with basic volumes, orientation, and planned openings.

The report generated from this services helps determine how close or how far you are from the goal of going Passive and Net-Zero ready. In the conclusions, we will leave you with high-level considerations about where best to spend your budget and what design goals to focus on, based on our years of seeing many projects succeed in Passive certification

Whether or not Passive House certification is your end goal, this preliminary step is a great way to get your high-performance project started off on the right foot.

This is an example of what we call our “Decision Matrix”. We give clients an easy visual way of understanding what product decisions will likely make it difficult to reach Passive performance standards (orange in color), vs the ones that perform so well that they could be “overkill” if the cost is also high (blue). We end up determining the sweet spot for cost and performance, based on the project goals.

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