It’s okay to ask for help! If you are unsure of how to best improve your new construction project or implement Passive strategies to an existing building, consider a 2-Hour Consultation with our experts. We charge a flat fee of $350.

2-Hour Consultations

Our Passive House experts are here to provide builders, contractors, and architects with the information you need. At Emu, we are dedicated to supporting our colleagues to achieve healthier, more efficient, more durable and cost effective buildings.

Ask yourself this:
Do you need someone to…

  • review your own analyses (ex: of thermal bridges, WUFI Pro, or PHPP)?
  • compare different products for specific use in your projects?
  • help clarify and support you with international calculation standards?
  • support you with Passive House certification (of buildings or components)?
  • give you feedback on energy efficiency detailing, cost effectiveness, and practical implementation on your construction site?
  • provide you with information on Passive House?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then email us to schedule a 2-hour consultation with our in-house Passive House geek! We guarantee it will be time well spent for your project.

All (2-hour) consultations will be charged to clients at a flat fee of $350. Additional consultations and services will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Email all inquiries to