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Sharing international knowledge.
Removing local hurdles.

Our mission is to supply our colleagues with as much knowledge as possible from our extensive international experience of the Passive House standard for building construction and performance. Emu Systems offers a variety of building industry services such as professional training, consulting, and component/systems analysis for all aspects of design and construction.

We are dedicated to helping building industry professionals contribute to sustainable development through the use of innovative design and advanced construction methods. The best way forward is to take lessons learned from cultures around the world and learn how to apply them right here at home.


Not sure where to start?

No problem! The following packages of services are good to consider for any high quality, healthy, durable building project:

  • Hourly Consultations: Schedule an hourly consultation session where we’ll get to the heart of the issue at hand, helping you identify concrete next steps for cost-effectiveness.
  • Passive House Feasibility: Get a Preliminary Passive House Review as a first step feasibility study and analysis towards evaluating a concept design for a project.
  • Thermal Bridge Analysis: An assessment to verify energy efficiency, avoid mold/condensation, and more; includes interpretation of the results and recommendations.
  • Dynamic Moisture Analysis: A performance assessment of designed assemblies in terms of combined heat and moisture flow; includes interpretation of the results and recommendations.
  • Envelope Component Analysis: A performance assessment of designed building envelope components for a specific climate; includes interpretation of the results and recommendations.

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Other Emu building industry services include:

In addition to Passive House consultations, assessments, and analysis, we offer many other services to help building industry professionals with any aspect of their project. For more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • General Design Consulting + Feasibility Studies
  • HVAC Analysis + Design for Low-Load Buildings
  • Envelope Component Detailing + Specification
  • Passive House Design + Documentation
  • Window and Door Specification + Detailing
  • Glazing Design + Consulting
  • Mold + Dynamic Moisture Analysis (WUFI)
  • 2D + 3D Heat Flow Calculations
  • Energy + IAQ Modeling
  • On-Site Training + Inspection
  • Site-Specific Custom Climate Data