Research + Reports

Castra Maiora LEED Consultation

LEED certification consultation for mixed-use historic structure in Casalmaggiore (CR), Italy.

Casa in Sasso

Structural and deep energy retrofit for historic stone home in a hamlet near Scandiano (RE), Italy.

Dora Riparia CasaClima Residences

CasaClima Class A certified demolition/rebuild of a mutli-unit residential building overlooking the Dora Riparia River in Susa (TO), Italy. This project is a demolition and rebuild of a multi-unit residential building located on a riverside piece of land in the…

Conte Re CasaClima

Single-family new construction in Albinea (RE), Italy, certified Class A by CasaClima Agency for high energy efficiency.

Cinque Campi Wine Cellar

Subterranean bioclimatic wine cellar for an organic vineyard in Piuanello (RE), Italy

Casa del Marmista

Structural and deep energy retrofit for single-family private residence near Correggio (RE), Italy.

Racagni Passive School

Passivhaus certification consultation for Passive school design bid in Parma, Italy. This was a consultation for a bid on a Passive school to be built in Parma. Our services included PHPP calculations and thermal bridge analysis.

Girondola Passive House

Design and construction of a Passive House duplex with green roof in the Pratonera Development of Cavriago (RE), Italy.

Giocolibreria Semola

Structural and architectural design consultation for Giocolibreria Semola, a children’s toy and book shop in Cavriago (RE), Italy.

Il Casino di Canossa

Single-family passive house and “Living Building” on historic and environmentally sensitive site near Canossa Castle (RE), Italy.

Fondo Nizzola Specialty Food Shop

Interior architectural design for a regional specialty food shop at Fondo Nizzola in Cavriago (RE)

Cavriago Passive Houses

Two detached single-family Passive House new constructions for 3 generations of a family in Cavriago (RE), Italy.


We are actively seeking Builder Partners to help us launch Emu Systems for North American climate zones. Interested in becoming an Emu Building Partner? PARTNER WITH EMU In 2016, Emu designed the first PH certified construction system for a warm climate…


Sharing international knowledge. Removing local hurdles. Our mission is to supply our colleagues with as much knowledge as possible from our extensive international experience. We are dedicated to helping building industry professionals contribute to sustainable development through the use of innovative design…


BE A GEEK. Learn more about advanced building science. In the spirit of removing the hurdles of complicated and advanced building envelope technology, we offer training sessions and workshops geared towards professionals in the architecture and construction industry. Do you…

The Healthy Side of Zero-Energy: High-Performance Buildings

This presentation was recorded at the February 13, 2019 meeting of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. Emu is happy to be involved with this excellent organization that promotes efficiency in conjunction with renewables. Video produced by…

The Interdependency of Envelope and Ventilation in Healthy Buildings

How mechanical ventilation practice in colder climates can act as a canary in a coal mine. Commissioned by Zehnder America, December 2018.

High Performance Buildings: The Age of Transparency

Architect Enrico Bonilauri argues we must closely measure and monitor high-performance buildings to close the gap between predicted and actual benefits to health, comfort and energy efficiency. He is an expert in the international Passive House building standard, on a…