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This course & workshop is for building professionals who are concerned about moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, healthy indoor air, durability, resiliency, and affordability of high-performance.

Learn international, best-practice, Passive design/build strategies for air sealing, moisture control, and indoor air quality.

The Emu Passive Pod Workshop and CPHT Course is an accredited 4-day course plus exam in Passive design/build strategies for comfortable, durable, resilient, and affordable construction. Learn more.

Usual price for 5-day class/workshop + exam = $1550
With Flash Sale discount = $1085 w/ lunches included!

“I’ve been a green builder for 16 years, and I came in here and it was like trying to drink from a fire hose”

– David Edwards from Feb 2018 Denver class

+limit liability & increase credibility
+avoid hidden mold & condensation
+exceed IECC air leakage requirements
+learn best practices & building science

Limited time offer: 30% discount off registration for our May 20-24 advanced construction workshop.

Typical schedule:

  • Passive design & construction interdisciplinary basics
  • The economic case for high-performance building
  • Moisture management strategies and air tightness
  • Thermal insulation and thermal bridges
  • High performance windows and doors
  • Mechanical ventilation for healthy, low-load buildings
  • Applying high-performance to existing buildings
  • Quality assurance measures on site