Emu construction systems presentation


We are actively seeking Builder Partners to help us launch Emu Systems for North American climate zones.

Interested in becoming an Emu Building Partner? PARTNER WITH EMU

In 2016, Emu designed the first PH certified construction system for a warm climate (Italy).


The “construction system” is comprised different assemblies for the thermal envelope of a building, as well as their junctions. It details vertical envelope structures (external wall, wall to ground, wall to unheated space, etc); slab on ground, slab to external air, or slab over unheated space; as well as roof. It also has the installation details for external windows and doors, as well as skylights.

The Passive House certification of the system is offered to builders, regardless of the type of construction (masonry, concrete, steel frame, wood and so on). A contractor can certify a system, and make it available to designers and clients who intend to build a Passive House building.

The contractor’s job is simplified, because the engineering process of the building and the construction documentation are carried out ahead of time. A pre-designed system redistributes work and responsibilities between designers and contractors: the goal is to guarantee a state of the art passive building, according to technical requirements (energy performance, comfort, airtightness) and in line with realistic, mainstream project budgets.

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