What is the CPHT professional certification?

The CPHT certification allows members of the construction industry to engage and participate in the integrative and interdisciplinary approach necessary for better building. While much improvement can be made in the design and calculation phases of a project, the implementation of Passive House principles on site is absolutely fundamental to the success of a quality build.

Why become a Passive House Tradesperson?

“The targeted transfer of specific Passive House expertise will provide the basis for a high standard of quality on site. This will ultimately benefit all those involved in construction, including the client, the planner/architect, the manufacturers of products and the tradesmen themselves.”
Learn more from the International Passive House Institute about the role of the CPHT.


“There are a lot of things that are different about a passive house. The ventilation systems, the wall sections, the window install, but really, those are all details that you just build as designed. The biggest adjustment for my team and my subs was the air barrier. The air barrier never goes on vacation. We have to own that obsession in our hearts during every step of the process.”
Read more about becoming a Passive House builder from Elrond Burrell’s interview with Darren Macri.

“In 2009, I was at a conference and learned about Passive House; I felt like a teenage boy that just noticed girls for the first time – “Oh my god. You are amazing – how did I not see you before?”

— Darren Macri (elrondburrell.com/blog/passive-house-builder/)