LEED CMP | enrollment for LEED APs without specialty

The GBCI literature is confusing to say the least. There are about 12 places to look and they all overlap or contradict each other. If for no other reason than to organize my own thoughts, I need to post a clear explanation of how to maintain my credentials. Hopefully this will help someone else as well. There are 3 options... with 3 very different price tags.

Mariana Pickering of Emu Architects Becomes a LEED Accredited Professional

Last week Emu's own Mariana Pickering took and passed the LEED AP exam at the Thompson Prometric center in Milan. Her trials and tribulations throughout the studing process can be viewed on her study blog - Somewhere Down the Line. Now that USGBC has rolled out the new version of LEED, the next step for Mariana will be to complete enough CE credits to maintain a BD&C specialization.