That’s right. A group of emus is called a mob. Ya learn somethin’ new every day!

Who are we?

Starting with just a couple of projects in Cavriago, Italy in 2009, we have invested a lot of time and heart into our company. We are constantly challenging ourselves to learn about new building science, design + construction methods, and innovative products.

We believe in the widely used maxim, ‘think globally, act locally’ an idea which we hope to bring to our practice through the study of international and local environmental and architectural conditions.

As such, we have been able to grow our client base, our platform of knowledge, and our international experience. We opened an office in Denver, CO, USA, in 2016, and we are constantly growing and changing with this complicated and exciting industry.


The Emu Team

Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer – Mariana G Pickering
Co-Founder + Chief Product Officer – Enrico Bonilauri
Operations Manager – Sara Abdulla
General Counsel – Scott Pusey
Financial Services – Victor Amaya, Clearpath
Marketing Services – This That
Building Science Assistant – Matt Young
HVAC + Dynamic Simulation Specialist – Francesco Ferretti
Passive House Prefab Specialist – Massimo Cleva
Business Development Intern – Holly Perkins
The Heart of the Office – Saba the Dog
Office IAQ Manager – Groot the Giant Succulent

Team Training

2016 Traxion Business Accelerator Program – Golden, CO, USA
2017 Merge Lane Leadership Camp – Boulder, CO, USA
2018 Rockies Venture Club HyperAccelerator – Denver, CO, USA