Emu Partners

lIf we’ve met, then you know that we love to collaborate. We truly believe that if everyone interested in “preaching Passive” joined together to educate mainstream, we wouldn’t have to compete for work and we’d expand the market for all of us who like to stay on the cutting edge of building science. Here are some of the companies and organizations that we’ve had the pleasure of working with since we moved to North America:

Pilot Program Design/Build Partners

To learn more about how we are trying to standardize advanced building science for mainstream construction, read about our Pilot Program, now underway in North America.

Training Partners

Education is key in asking mainstream builders to step up their game. In our efforts to expand builder training across North America through our own CPHT courses, as well as through licensing curriculum to other qualified teachers, we wouldn’t able to reach very far without these great organizations who have helped us with everything from cross-marketing to class and workshop preparation:

Product Partners

Our advanced builder training courses and workshops would not be possible without the support and product donation of several Product Partners from the Passive House materials industry. A big thank you to the following companies for donating materials to our workshops so that builder students can explore their options in an education-based, brand neutral environment:

Back in 2017, we initiated a cross-marketing collaboration agreement with a group of companies who expressed support for Emu’s mission. We are always working on ways to engage better with these companies, but are eternally grateful to them for supporting us in our early stages: