Emu Trainers

Emu Trainers

Emu’s North American curriculum for the Certified Passive House Tradesperson course, accredited by the International Passive House Institute, is licensed and distributed to qualified trainers all over North America. We do this in proud partnership with non-profit organizations and trade associations who share our mission to spread high level building science education to the construction professionals of North America.

Emu Enrico Bonilauri

Enrico Bonilauri

Enrico is Emu’s Trainer of Trainers and Resident Building Science Geek. He has taught the CPHT class and Passive Pod workshop in the Rocky Mountains since 2017, after relocating from Italy, where he previously established a close relationship with the innovative building scientists at the International Passive House Institute.

He now works with the North American Trainers below to make revisions and updates to the Emu CPHT curriculum to ensure that we are teaching the best information available. Updated versions of the curriculum are issued annually in Emu’s February CPHT course.

Rick Eckstrom

Rick teaches Emu’s CPHT curriculum in partnership with Green Building Alliance (GBA). They run a course annually in Pittsburgh, PA.

Rhett Major

Rhett teaches Emu’s CPHT curriculum in partnership with Green Building Alliance (GBA). They run a course annually in Pittsburgh, PA.

Chris Petit

Chris teaches Emu’s CPHT curriculum in partnership with North American Passive House Network (NAPHN). In Nov 2019, they will run a class in Minnesota.

Steve Mann

Steve teaches Emu’s CPHT curriculum independently through his company, Home Energy Services. In Nov 2019, he will be offering a course in Oakland, CA.

Passive is our jam

Emu is an accredited Training Provider with the International Passive House Institute (PHI). We are authorized to offer Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) courses + accreditation exams for building professionals. We offer CPHT courses and Passive Pod Workshops throughout the year at our home offices in Denver, Colorado. Every February we roll out the most current version of our North American curriculum and host any Trainers seeking to teach the curriculum themselves.

Our curriculum has a strong foundation in the original PHI curriculum and learning objectives, with climate and market content specific to North America. Through our own experiences, as well as collaboration and communication with our friends and colleagues using the international Passive House standard all over the world, we strive to apply global lessons and solutions to local construction practices.

Run Wild. Teach Passive.

License Emu’s North American curriculum to train your local builders, contractors, and tradespeople in the most advanced global construction standard.

We believe that building comfortable, healthy, and efficient buildings should be THE way the world builds.