My favorite Fuorisalone find was definitely Wrap Spaces from the Netherlands. They have a little show room located on Via Tortona – just follow the neon orange arrows to find it. The concept is one piece of furniture, from which you can open up a kitchen, an office, or a living room set. Aside from a place to actually set yourself down, it includes everything you need for a basic house… all in one space. If you combined it with a futon or sofa-bed, you’d have everything except the bathroom in one space that changes throughout the day.

“If you want breakfast in bed, then sleep in the kitchen.” -Wrap Spaces

I was clearly not the only one to find them interesting, as you can tell by my horrible photo. There were so many people crammed into the showroom that it was almost impossible to see the piece of furniture. There were a couple of staff attempting to conduct little tours, and naively assuming that no one would touch their prototype without asking. It’s their first time at the Salone, so it’s understandable.

You can see much more on their website, which is still in the pre-launch stage.

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