As Passive House implementation and compliance experts, we empower builders and manufacturers to push their craft towards the future of the construction industry – standardization, simplification, efficiency, durability, resiliency, and high-performance.

Be geeky.
Build better.

Learn more about advanced building science and become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT).

This training is for building professionals who are concerned about implementing measures for moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, durability, and healthy air.

+ limit liability & increase credibility
+ avoid hidden mold & condensation
+ exceed IECC air leakage requirements
+ learn best practices & building science
+ ask questions in a brand-neutral setting

High-Performance Construction Training
Emu Passive Pod Workshop + CPHT Course

4 full days of class + workshop
Plus PHI accreditation exam on morning of 5th day

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BREAKING NEWS: Emu’s updated 2019 North American Passive House curriculum is now being taught by our Training Partners: Green Building Alliance, North American Passive House Network, and Home Energy Services. Find a course near you.

Building anything physical is about trying, failing, learning, and making it better the next time.

Virtually tested systems allow us to fail faster, more times, for less money, and no risk. Want to help us develop standardized Passive building instructions?

Apply to join our Pilot Program.

Emu is actively seeking project teams in all climate zones of North America to join our pilot program for our Passive House certified, built-on-site, climate-specific residential construction system and platform.

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